The concerts were quickly edited and distributed to movie theaters at the end of December, 1964, where they had a brief run and then weren’t seen again (except for bootlegs) for more than 40 years, until Shout Factory acquired the rights and released “The TAMI Show” on DVD in 2010. The show closed with the Rolling Stones, who were just. More than half a dozen films were produced in this fashion, including the production of Richard Burton in Hamlet (1964), the concert film The TAMI Show (1964), and the Magna Film production of Harlow (1965), starring actress Carol Lynley as Jean Harlow.Sloan and Barri wrote the theme song for the T.A.M.I.Show (Teen Age Music International Show) and were credited on all Jan.. This legendary film has never been available on DVD and has not been seen in its entirety since it originally appeared in theaters in 1964. Mastered from a new High Definition transfer and UNCUT, this complete version features the Beach Boys performances that were removed following the films initial theatrical run.

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